Flatbed Tow Truck

Move your vehicle safely on our 27' flatbed tow truck. Allen Towing Services in Hardeeville, South Carolina, gets you safely to your home, car dealership, or repair shop.

Road Triangle - Tow Truck

Safe Towing

Our flatbeds move just about any vehicle safely, but our flatbed truck moves just about any vehicle safely. With a 27' bed, it can safely accommodate:

• Cars
• Small Boats
• Extended Vans
• Motorcycles
• Some SUVs
• Small Trucks


Keep your vehicle safe and secure at our fenced storage areas. Located in Hardeeville our lots offers secure storage at a reasonable price.


We always keep our prices low so our services are accessible to everyone. When you call, we'll provide you with an estimate over the phone.

Contact us for fast service from a high-quality tow truck.